Borium Horseshoes

If you choose to shoe your trail horse, you may want consider Borium horseshoes for better traction. Traditionally shoed horses don’t do well on snow, asphalt, or even large rocks. I’ve seen skinned up horsey knees & worse.  Our horse keeping property contained a lot of slippery asphalt surrounding it. Our friends suggested Borium shoes as a solution. On the downside, I was worried that it would disrupt my horses gait and possibly cause leg damage – I took that seriously. However, for my situation, the benefits outweighed the risk of a horse tumbling – my horse needed traction.  Our horse’s first set of Borium horseshoes was 14 years ago and is now the only kind we use.  It turns out my horses’ gaits weren’t altered and thankfully they still have sound legs.  I’ve also discovered important traction benefits on the trail too.  For instance, have you ever had your horse slip on a rock, encounter a paved walking path or cross a rocky river?  Borium shoes would help. Are they right for you & your horse?  They’re something to consider; spring is here!!

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