SpecTACKular LogoHi, I am Sherry McLean (aka Tack Girl),

I founded SpecTACKular, a company that makes Horse Tack.  Our growing company can be found on the web at www.SpecTACKular.com

Our Tack Girl blog hopes to inform you about our product and much more.

You see, one lesson I learned is good horse people love learning and never quit learning.  They are also generous in sharing thier knowledge.   Each has a little trick they have learned along thier unique horse journey.  Each has something to share of interest.  I hope our blog encourages that shared learning & particapation.  I hope to share with you my experiance and I want you to share yours too. 

Horse people are the nicest people there are.  My husband and I are blessed with “horse friends” that are as good as friends get.  Suzie and Dave; Monica and Walter; Chris and Patty; Jim and Lynn, and others we have shared the trial and the campfire with.  Over the years, and the many, many horse camping trips we have taken together, these generous people mentored me, and taught me, and shared their hard learned secrets with me about horses, and riding, and about the tools we use to make the whole experience more fun, exciting, and safer for both horse and rider.  Nearly every idea, innovation, technique or design incorporated into SpecTACKular horse gear can be traced directly to something I learned from these good people.  

 It is in this spirit of sharing knowledge that we enter the world of “Blogging”.  We hope you will join us as a reader, a follower, a commentor.

Thanks for joining us!







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